Dreaming of Full-Time Travel?

Maybe you've dreamed about being one of those crazy RVing families, but you just aren't quite sure how to make it work. Your partner isn't as excited with the idea, you aren't sure about finances, or you're unsure how you'll find community and educational opportunities on the road. 

Look no further - this is the course for you.


Looking back at our first 90 days of RVing full-time, these first three months are critical.


What You'll Get:

How do you live in a small space without going crazy?

Great question - and it deserves some thought! So much has to do with expectations - a key module in this course. When you are clear on the unique personality styles and needs of each family member and learn to work together as a team, that space won't seem so confining. Plus, remember that in this lifestyle, your "home" goes way beyond your RV - the country is your back yard!

I want to, but how can I afford it?

I know it sounds daunting, but just like any other home, your budget is going to depend on your lifestyle. You can live in an RV and spend more than in a "Sticks and Bricks" home, but you can also drastically cut your costs. One whole module of this course dives into how to pay for the party - giving you ideas for location-independent income as well as figuring out a budget that works for your family. 

This is my "One Day" dream!

I so feel you. And guess what? It'll always remain "one day" until you put a date on it. Dreaming of going fulltime can be extremely daunting, so families often put it off as a thing to do "one day." But life happens, and that time may never come. Or, by the time you finally feel ready, relationships are strained, health has declined, or you flat out don't know how to truly enjoy it. 

90 Day Family Road Trip - Your Online Easy Button

SO much content...yet you can get through it in only 3 hours. Three hours for gaining more confidence, clarity, and excitement for what you might embark on? Yes please!

Explore more together - that's what you dream of, right? 

Maybe that seems like something you'll get to "one day"; that that's too impractical and daunting to actually do now, especially when you have kids in the house! But guess what, it IS possible, and my family is living proof of this!


Meet The FieldTripGypsies

In October of 2016, our family of five hit the road full-time. I'm Ashley, founder of Mama Says Namaste, a site for helping families get intentional and create the story they love to come home to. 

As we dreamed of what we wanted our own family vision to look like, RVing and exploring the States was a perfect fit. However, taking the plunge into this lifestyle fulltime was a bit intimidating.

So we set out for 90 Days. In those first 90 days, we learned so, so much - about this lifestyle, about us, and about whether or not this crazy dream was actually feasible. 

Life is Fun - Remember Recess?

Remember when you'd run around with joy when that "recess" bell rang? You're looking at a travel adventure where recess is always in session!

We're an unschooling family who firmly believes that learning is a lifelong opportunity. Along with the theme of our family Instagram account, the "FieldTripGypsies", we'll continue to reference the joy of the educational journey by highlighting the lessons like this:

  • R - Ride (What type of RV is best for your family)?
  • E - Expectations (What is your "why"? What does an ideal day look like for you?)
  • C - Choose your own adventure (How to plan your path)
  • E - Expenses (what is your exit strategy, and how will you create income on the road?)
  • S - Set-up (Setting up and taking down camp is a process - we'll show you how to make it happen smoothly)
  • S - Satisfaction (little tips and tricks to make it even easier, like what memberships give you what, travel hacks, and more!)

"So much value here! I'll be going back to these over and again!"

Scott Barreto
Pastor, Coach and Entrepreneur

"Thanks for doing the course Ashley, the Think anagram, and also learning how to work on relationships with others are good messages, especially when you realise, it is important not to always focus on yourself but be considerate of others. The characteristics for each letter on DISC and personality traits has also been very helpful for me processing/analysis of more suitable careers."

Cynthia Owusu-Manu
Business Administrator

"Ashley has such an amazing way of making what could be a difficult to understand subject easy to relate to. I love all the many applications I got from this course: business, professional, family and friends. I got my money's worth on the first day!"

Sheila Davis
Small Business Owner and Mama

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